The  best  health  care  plan  is  a  self-care  plan.

The healthiest response to life is joy
You cannot enjoy your wealth, if you cannot enjoy your health

Happiness  is  the  highest  form  of  health.
A  life  without  health  is  like  river without  water.

Eat your FOOD as your medicines; Otherwise, you have to eat MEDICINES as your food.

If  you  don’t  make  time  for  your  wellness
you  will  be  forced  to  make  time  for  your  illness.

It  is  health  that  is  real  wealth
and  not  pieces  of  gold  or  silver.

Health  isn’t  everything,
but  without  it,

everything  else  is  nothing.


Safeguard the health both of body and soul

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