Make each day your masterpiece 


Times  is  free ,

But  it's  priceless .

You  can't  own  it , 

But  you  can  use  it .

You  can't  keep  it ,

But  you  can  spend  it .

Once  you've  lost  it

You  can  never  get  it  back .
Time is more valuable than money.
You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.


Time  is  fast  when  you  are  late .
Time  is  slow  when  you  wait .
Time  is  deadly  when  you  are  sad .
Time  is  short  when  you  are  happy .

Time  flies  when  you  are  busy .
Time  is  swift  when  you  fear .

Time  is  endless  when  you  are  in  pain .
Time  is  long  when  you  feel  bored .

Time is most beautiful when you are in love .

Time is determined by your feelings
and your psychological conditions and not by clock.
So have a nice time always.


12  months  of  happiness,
52  weeks  of  success,
365  days  of  fun  and  laughter,
8,760  hours  of  good  health,
525,600  minutes  of  blessing,
31,536,000  seconds  of  joys