Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.

Never  lie  to  someone  who  trusts  you.
Never  trust  someone  who  lies  to  you.
Never  misuse  the  one  who  likes  you.
Never  cheat  the  one  who  really  trust  you.
Never  say  busy  to  the  one  who  needs  you.
Never  forget  the  one  who  always  remembers  you.

Never try to hurt, destroy or mess up someones life with a lie when yours can be destroyed with the truth.  When you destroy someone's life with lies, take it as a loan, it will come back to you with interest.  If you tell the truth, it becomes a part of your past.  But, if you lie, it becomes a part of your future.

Honesty is a very expensive gift.  Don't expect it from cheap people.  I don't understand how people are okay with themselves knowing they emotionally destroyed someone.  Some people will try to spoil your happiness just because they are unhappy with their own life.  Some people will only "love you" as much as they can use you.  Their loyalty ends where the benefits stop.  Without respect, love is lost; without caring, love is boring; without honesty, love is unhappy; without trust, love is unstable.  Better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie. 

Don't ruin other people's happiness just because you can't find your own.  Don't worry about the people from your past; there's a reason why they didn't make it to your future.  When you're important to another person, that person will always find a way to make time for you.

Truth is like a debit card, pay first and enjoy later.  A lie is like a credit card, enjoy first pay later.  Live with integrity.  Respect is earned.  Honesty is appreciate.  Trust is gained.  Loyalty is returned.  Love, honesty, truth and respect.  Without these in your life, you have nothing.

Trust, loyalty and respect.  If you lose one, you lose all three.  You can't buy it because we don't sell it.  For these things that money can't buy and will define your true wealth.

Trust is like glass. Once broken, it will never be the same again.