" I  can't  have  it  for  you  until  Friday. "
" I  can  have  it  for  you  on  Friday. "

" This  doesn't  work  for  everyone. "
" This  works  very  well  for  a  number  of  people. "

Someone  calls  on  the  phone:  " Is  Richard  there ? "
" I'll  try  to  find  him. "
" I'll  locate  him  for  you,  one  moment  please. "

" I'd  hate  to  give  you  the  wrong  answer. "
" I  want  to  be  sure  to  get  the  correct  answer  for  you. "

" Hold  on  a  minute  while  I  get  something  to  write  with. "
What's  the  matter,  haven't  you  had  the  forethought  to  prepare  for  a  phone  call ?

" I'm  only  the  sales  girl, "  or  "I'm  just  the  salesperson. "
Sounds  like  you  are  so  lowly  that  no  one  would  want  to  talk  with  you.
Instead, " I  am  confident  I  can  find  someone  to  answer  that  question  for  you. "

" Oh  gosh, I'm  not  too  sure  if  I  can  help  you.  I  guess  I'll  have  to  do  some  checking  and  
get  back  with  you.  I'll  try  to  call  you  later.  What  would  be  a  good  time ? "
" I  don't  have  an  answer  to  your  question  right  now,  but  I  will  check  this  out  
personally  and  get  back  to  you  this  afternoon.  Would  two  o'clock  be  good  for
you,  or  is  four  o'clock  better ? "

" I'll  try  to  reach  you  later  this  week. "
" I  will  reach  you  later  this  week.  Would  Thursday  morning  be  good,  or  would
you  prefer  the  afternoon ? "

" Can  you  spell  your  name  for  me ? "
What's  the  matter,  do  you  think  the  person  doesn't  even  know  how  to  spell  his  own  Name ?
 " Please  spell  your  name  for  me. "

" Can  I  ask  you  a  question ? "
You  already  have.  If  the  question  is  important  enough  to  ask  you  probably  don't  need  permission.

" How  much  do  you  have  to  spent  on  this ? "
" How  much  have  you  set  aside  for  this  investment ? "

" What's  wrong  with  you ? "
" What's  troubling  you ? "

Learn  to  analyze  your  own  speech

How  are  you? You're  looking  good
I  can't I  choose  not  to
I'll  try I  will,  I  can
Wish / Hope I  am  confident
I  forgot Let  me  refresh  my  memory
I'm  tired I'd  like  to  relax
I'm  not  sure Let  me  find  out
I  can't  stand  that I'd  prefer  something  else
I'm  only  human Let  me  see  what  I  can  do
Can't  afford Choose  not  to
Buy You  may  obtain,  invest
Sell Acquire,  Invest,  Offer
Discount Offer  a  savings