Q:    Who is the Chief  Executive of the United States ?
A:    The President.
Q:    What are the three branches of the United states Government ?
A:    There are:  (A) Legislative Branch   (B) Executive Branch   (C) Judicial Branch.
Q:    What is check and balance system ?
A:    Three branches of  the Government check each other and keep balance of power.
Q:    What does each branch do ?
A:    Legislative branch makes the law. Executive branch enforce the law. Judicial branch explains the law.
Q:    How many houses are there in the State Legislature ?
A:    Two,  Senate  and  Assembly.
Q:    How many states are there in the United States ?
A:    There are fifty states.
Q:    Which are the last two states that join the union ?
A:    Alaska and Hawaii.
Q:    What day is July 4th ?
A:    It's Independence Day.
Q:    How many houses are there in Congress ?
A:    Senate and  House of  Representatives.
Q:    How many senators are there in the United States ?
A:    One hundred senators, two from each state.
Q:    How many members are there in the House of  Representatives ?
A:    Four hundred and thirty-five.
Q:    Who elects the Congress ?
A:    The people of United States.
Q:    Who makes the law of the United States ?
A:    Congress does.
Q:    How long is a senator in office ?
A:    Six years.
Q:    Who are the President and Vice President of the United States ?
A:    The President is George W. Bush, vice President is Dick Cheney.
Q:    Who elect the President ?
A:    The people of  the United States.
Q:    How many years does the President serve in one term ?
A:    Four years.
Q:    How many terms may a President serve ?
A:    Two terms.
Q:    What Amendment limits the terms of service of the President ?
A:    Amendment  22.
Q:    How many cabinet members does the President have ?
A:    Fourteen.
Q:    Who helps the President in his executive work ?
A:    The Cabinet.
Q:    In case the President resigns or passes away, who will become President ?
A:    Vice  President  will  succeed.
Q:    What kind of work does the Vice President  perform ?
A:    He is  Chairman of  the  Senate.
Q:    Who presides over the House of  Representatives ?
A:    The  Speaker.    
Q:    What are the requirements of  President and Vice President ?
A:    They must be native-born citizens of  the United States and be more than thirty-five years old.
Q:    Who was the first President ?
A:    George Washington.
Q:    Which is the highest court in the United States ?
A:    The U.S. Supreme Court.
Q:    How many judges are there in the Supreme Court ?
A:    Nine.
Q:    How long do they serve ?
A:    They serve for life during their good behavior.
Q:    How are these judges appointed ?
A:    They are appointed by the President with consent of the Senate.
Q:    What is the Constitution ?
A:    It's the highest law of  the United States.
Q:    What are the principles of the Constitution ?
A:    Liberty, Equality and Justice.
Q:    What is an amendment ?
A:    It's change or an addition to the Constitution.
Q:    What are the first ten amendment called ?
A:    Bill of  Rights.
Q:    What is the bill of  Rights ?
A:    Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of press, security of  home, peaceable assembly and fair trial.
Q:    How many amendments are there ?
A:    Twenty-six.
Q:    What is the Amendment 26 ?
A:    Over age 18 can vote.
Q:    What is Amendment 15 ?
A:    The  right  to  vote.
Q:    What do you know about President Lincoln ?
A:    He was the sixteenth President.  Civil war broke out during his term.  He freed the slaves.
Q:    When did the United States become an independent nation ?
A:    July 4, 1776.
Q:    Who wrote the Declaration of  Independence ?
A:    Jefferson.
Q:    What caused the Civil War ?
A:    Slavery.
Q:    What was the result of the Civil War ?
A:    Freed  the  slaves.
Q:    When was the Revolutionary War ?
A:    1775  to  1783.
Q:    What caused the Revolutionary War ?
A:    Taxation  without  representation.
Q:    What was the result of the Revolutionary War ?
A:    The 13 colonies got  their  independence.
Q:    Where was the Declaration of  Independence issued ?
A:    At  Philadelphia.
Q:    How many colors are there in the flag of the United States ?
A:    Three:  red,  white  and  blue.
Q:    What do the colors stand  for ?
A:    Red  for courage,  white for truth  and  blue for justice.
Q:    How many stars are there in the flag ?
A:    There are fifty stars,  one for each state.
Q:    How many stripes are there ?
A:    Thirteen, seven  red  and  six  white.  Each  represents one of the thirteen original states.
Q:    What is the name of the national anthem ?
A:    The Star-Spangled  Banner.
Q:    Who is called the Father of  His Country in America ?
A:    George  Washington.
Q:    Where is the Capital ?
A:    Washington, D.C.
Q:    Where does the President  live ?
A:    In the  White House.